From Tennessee to LA



Robert Barnes is a pundit for the people. With a long and successful track record defending the rights of high profile clients such as Wesley Snipes and Ralph Nader, Barnes sometimes offers his skills pro bono to journalists and activists whose free speech is threatened.

A native of Chattanooga, Tennessee, Barnes follows a family tradition into liberty-defending law. His Rhode Island great-grandfathers, centuries before, refused a new American government without a Bill of Rights guaranteeing an individual’s liberty. A scholarship graduate of the McCallie School in Chattanooga, Barnes, a Coca-Cola National Scholar award recipient, subsequently received a scholarship to attend Yale University.

Once established in a law and business advisory practice that spanned the globe from his home base in Malibu, California, Barnes parlayed his keen understanding of persuasion and patterns into a lucrative side business in sports and political betting, with his successes leading to the Times of London reporters calling him ‘famous from the newsrooms from LA to London.

His instinct to go all in on Trump came from a natural feel for the pulse of the people. Long a student of populist politics, Barnes is now working for the rights of the underdog, providing his prescient fortune-telling strategy and polling insight to candidates of the populist persuasion.



  • Age: 42
  • Hometown: East Ridge, TN
  • Residence: Las Vegas, NV
  • Education: He is a graduate of McCallie School, attended Yale University, and graduated from University of Tennessee - Chattanooga and the University of Wisconsin Law School
  • Profession: Attorney
  • Political view: Populist

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