I'm Robert Barnes.
I fight for the underdog and win the impossible.

From small-town East Ridge, Tennessee, to the elite environs of the Eastern Ivy league, Robert Barnes walks among the humble and the haughty. Traveling from the everyday to the esteemed, representing clients fighting for their civil rights and celebrities taking on the IRS, Barnes heeds the advice of his newspaper-throwing father, Walter, who was fond of reminding, "Never judge a man until you've walked a mile in his shoes".

Barnes vs. Big Banks
Barnes vs. Big Law
Barnes vs. Big Gov't

Today, Barnes continues to take on the cause of underdogs, no matter how difficult the odds may appear. Where other lawyers lose 90% of the time, Barnes win more often than not. Fighting for individuals against unethical law firms, corrupt banks, and rogue government agents, Barnes continues the family tradition his great-grandfathers started centuries ago, fighting for the freedoms that founded America. 

I know if I was in trouble, this is the guy I’d hire.
— Smerconish, CNN Analyst


Many business owners stand at the end of a cliff – where one economic turn, one lawsuit or one disloyal partner or employee can destroy their entire life’s work. In many cases, the right business attorney makes the difference. A badly worded contract can empty a business before … 


The knock on the door. The letter in the mail. The summons to appear. The subpoena to the grand jury. Are you facing an IRS criminal investigation? You can find out now by filing a form that most people do not know about (call (213) 330-3341 to get a copy.) If you are, do you have… 


In a financially unstable world with unpredictable governments, your choice of public or private bank can make the difference between protecting your life savings — or losing it all overnight. Do you need a bank that will safeguard your assets? Do you need a bank that will protect your privacy?… 


It’s not just your rights to property, liberty and the pursuit of happiness that are too often under attack from prying eyes and puritanical prosecutors. Your fundamental rights to freedom of speech, to circulate petitions, access to the ballot and to partake in the public process remain under constant assault… 


Robert Barnes helps clients with asset recovery because — other than the experience of being convicted in court for tax evasion or another federal crime and losing your life savings to the IRS —there is no worse experience than realizing you’ve lost everything to fraud. Especially if the fraud was… 


America’s two-party system has kept itself in power by enacting a byzantine web of election laws and regulations at the state level that are designed to prevent ballot access for third-party candidates and their supporters, effectively preventing them from ever having their voices become a part of the larger national debate…. 


“The IRS brags it wins 90 percent of the time against the typical attorney. That is true — but not against Robert Barnes. Barnes has the highest known acquittal rate against the IRS and is known nationally for engineering the IRS’ most embarrassing defeats including Wesley Snipes’ acquittal on all felony… 


You have the right to speak out, to express yourself, to associate, and to assemble. There are also freedoms read into the First Amendment, and the greater Constitution, that are not explicitly found in the document… 


What if you aren’t currently under an IRS Criminal Investigation but are simply being audited or defending yourself against the IRS in tax court? Would you prefer that the IRS never open a criminal investigation against you in the first place? Can a defense against the IRS during an audit… 


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