Ex-Weatherman Sues Gloris Allred for Malpractice

BY Gene Maddaus

June 6, 2017

A former TV weatherman on Tuesday filed suit against attorney Gloria Allred, alleging that she botched his discrimination lawsuit against CBS.

Kyle Hunter hired Allred in 2010 to pursue his allegation that he had been passed over for promotions at KCBS and KCAL in favor of attractive younger women. Allred held a press conference to announce the case in 2012. But in his lawsuit filed Tuesday, Hunter alleges that Allred’s firm mishandled the case so badly that Hunter was left on the brink of bankruptcy, unable to pay an $800,000 judgment in CBS’ favor.

Hunter also alleges that Allred breached her ethical obligations by negotiating a deal with CBS for a TV show based on her life without telling him. Hunter’s claims are reportedly the subject of an inquiry by the California State Bar. Allred has previously accused Hunter of a “shakedown” attempt, and in the suit Hunter acknowledges that he signed a waiver consenting to the situation.

The suit, filed by attorney Robert Barnes, accuses Allred of using her celebrity status to “serve her personal pocketbook and political agenda.”