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Comey's Firing long over due

Law Newz, Robert Barnes / May 10, 2017

President Trump showed the chutzpah that got him elected, and finally fired the inescapably incompetent James Comey, who always seemed to play to his own press, the headlines, and Hoover-esque ambitions than he did the interests of the American people, the reputation of the FBI or the perceived integrity and impartiality of American law enforcement. As an attorney who first-hand witnessed the deleterious effect Comey’s tenure had on FBI ethics, I cannot say good riddance any quicker than I can get out the 1998 Dom Perignon.

Why the New York Times Could Face a Legal Battle Over Its Trump Tax Story

Fortune, Mathew Ingram / Oct 03, 2016

For months now, Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump has faced repeated demands to release his tax returns to prove his financial worth, but he has refused. So over the weekend, someone decided to do it for him by sending some of his tax info to a reporter at the New York Times.

After the Times wrote a story suggesting that Trump may have avoided paying taxes for close to two decades as a result of a large tax loss on his real estate investments, the candidate threatened to sue the newspaper. But would Trump have a leg to stand on legally?

Photo credit: Donald Trump. Photograph by Paul Morigi — WireImage

Photo credit: Donald Trump. Photograph by Paul Morigi — WireImage


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