I take on the bullies, I speak for the underdogs, and I apologize to no one.
— Robert Barnes
I know if I was in trouble, this is the guy I’d hire.
— Smerconish, CNN Analyst

Wesley Snipes Tax Evasion Case

Wesley Snipes faced 16 years in federal prison, fines of more than $40 million and the end of his career. Most pundits and tax attorneys called it the “unwinnable case in the impossible place.” It was — until Robert Barnes devised a “unique” and “ingenious” legal strategy. The result? Wesley Snipes was acquitted on all felony charges, all fraud charges and all conspiracy charges.


Wesley Snipes is an innocent man. A jury of 12 men and women said so.

  • They said so unanimously when the government charged Wesley Snipes with criminal tax conspiracy, acquitting him of all conspiracy charges.
  • They said so unanimously when the government charged Wesley Snipes with criminal fraud, acquitting him of all fraud charges.
  • Nine of the 12 agreed Wesley Snipes was innocent of any misdemeanor failure to file charge.
  • Three jurors, who later admitted lying to get on the jury, led to three misdemeanor convictions.
WESLEY SNIPES CLEARED OF SERIOUS CHARGES — Snipes faced 16 years in prison until Barnes led the jury to clear Snipes of serious tax charges. He is the third client of Barnes’ who obtained a stunning outcome where the department the of Justice was failed to win convictions.
— New York Times

IRS sued for improperly seizing the medical records of 10 million Americans

Carol May, Report - The Daily Caller

Amid a firestorm about the Internal Revenue Service’s targeting conservative groups and wide concern that the tax service will be administering Obamacare, the IRS is also the subject of a class action lawsuit alleging that 15 of its agents improperly seized 10 million Americans’ medical records.

Attorney Robert Barnes filed the lawsuit in mid-March on behalf of a John Doe Company and individuals whose records were seized in California Superior Court, according to a report from the Courthouse News Service.


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